Free Music Archive

Toucan Music (Various Artists): Best Bytes Volume 1

Founded way back in 2004 and previously known as Frantik Music, Toucan Music came up with this nineteen track compilation that includes DJ-friendly singles from 2002 (to present) in a variety of dance genres such as house, breakbeat, hardcore, chillout, and trance. Hailing from United Kingdom, Toucan Music provides original high quality full-length tunes with a broad range of style. Another Boring Lunchtime makes its way to track number one. Produced and edited by Toucan Musicís main man Psychadelik Pedestrian, it showcases a number of piano and keyboard variations that can pump up and heighten the senses.

Dr. Frankenstein: The Cursed Tapes

If you've ever wondered what rockabilly music was like from a country like Portugal, then Dr. Frankenstein can give you a pretty good idea. The Cursed Tapes is a collection of tracks inspired by the sun and sand. Of course, coming from someone who calls themselves Dr. Frankenstein, you can expect a hint of darkness enveloping the tracks as well. The album itself is about two years old and was first released under netlabel, You Are Not Stealing Records back in 2010.

Vernon Lenoir: The Rites of Sausage

For times when all you need is a funky and quirky party album, pop over Vernon Lenoir's The Rites of Sausage and you should be good to go. This crazy party album mixes loud beats, 8-bit pixel goodness and a dose of remade pop culture. The super talented composer/ sampling-genius has released several compilations from various netlabels like UpItUp, VM Recordings, and Ego Twister. This time around, he ventures over to Chinstrap Records and unloads his genius samples via The Rites of Sausage. From the Macarena to Inspector Gadget, the record is a sure mix of funky goodness.

Tracks to Sync – June 2011 (mp3 mix)

Tracks to Sync, June 2011 (MP3 Mix) is a pretty cool monthly compilation from Free Music Archive. This time around, the mix was inspired and made especially with the FMA online producer in mind. The songs focus on instrumental ambient tracks from new and up-and-coming artists in the indie online music world. There have been several "Tracks to Sync" mixes released on the site as well. Some of the previous ones include two versions of Ten Tracks to Sync, one featuring selections at FMA prior to 2011 and ones that were gathered right at the onset of the year. There's also a special compilation aimed for YouTubers to choose from and use in their videos.

Learining Music: An End Like This

Learning Music Monthly came to life three years ago as a collaboration between LA based musician John Wood and a CC-friendly label Vosotros. The premise of the project was simple, yet unlike anything else that was done previously; each month John Wood would write, record, and master an album which would be than released as a part of a subscription service, a free digital download, or a $60 package that included the handmade album (including everything from bonus albums, stickers, and personalized birthday songs) to be delivered to your door. And now, after 36 albums and the amazing third season that marked the end of the project, Vosotros released equally great and free compilation featuring some of the best songs of those past 3 years.