TextWrangler is a free professional HTML and text editor from Bare Bones, and it is certainly no Notepad. It is a very powerful program that can make your work a lot easier. Its search and replace feature allows you for instance, to change a list consisting of last name, first name to first name, last name, among many. TextWrangler can also read corrupted word processing files.

The application also has a state saving feature. All open documents are automatically saved when you exit the program, a great one for those who forget to save their work. The software also has full screen view support.

TextWrangler also comes with a Preferences window which anyone can edit. There is a search box in Preferences that to help you sort through them. This is actually a useful feature because TextWrangler has a lot to offer. Power users will no doubt tweak a lot of these settings.

The software also has a detailed PDF manual and can open several documents in a single window. Each will show all the documents in the window. There is a spelling checker that works on the fly. Programmers will be glad to know it is capable of running UNIX scripts, control editor behavior and code folding.

Colors schemes can be saved, there are multiple Clipboards and splittable editing windows. It can transparently read and write gzip, show and hide individual menu items or entire menus. It’s worth pointing out that its search function can be used on documents that aren’t open. You can set up the program to automatically make backup copies of files when saving then.

TextWrangler is optimized for the Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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