Jaangle is a free music organizer and music player that will help you arrange all your favorite music files. An open source program, it sports an intuitive interface that you can use to browse and play your favorite songs. Aside from organizing your files, a host of other features are built in too.

Jaangle, which used to be known as Teen Spirit, makes it a breeze to arrange your various audio and video files. Unlike other music players, Jaangle can categorize different kinds of media files including avi, wma, ogg and mp3. Once your files have been organized, the program displays them in an easy to navigate user interface.


Jaangle also includes a tag editor so you can edit your mp3s inside the program without needing to download another one. In addition, the video and music player are more than adequate for most users, so it’s really an all-in-one application, which makes it very convenient.

Using Jaangle is very easy too, since you just need to add the folder where your media files are kept. Once the folder has been added, Jaangle will read and scan the tags. All information about the artist and an image is downloaded from the Internet, and double clicking will play the file. If other information like lyrics are available, Jaangle will display them as well.

Aside from those already mentioned, Jaangle also has many other features that you’ll find useful such as quick web linking, history logging, advanced searching, quiz games, visualizations and more. While there are a lot of free music players, Jaangle sets itself apart in the ease of use and versatility departments.

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