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Hungry Shark Evolution is the latest version of the popular Hungry Shark games for the iOS and Android. The idea behind this game from Future Games of London (FGOL) is simple: you control the shark as it swims in the ocean, eating fish and scuba divers. It is as addictive as the other versions, and has few new tweaks to boot.

Apart from feeding the shark, you also have to make sure that it doesn’t hit any mines or traps and that it does not starve. Sharks need to eat often, so you need to keep that in mind. As far as controls go, Hungry Shark Evolution is very easy to learn; steer the shark with tilt, and if you want to give it a boost, just tap the display. In fact the controls are so simple that even a child can pick up the game easily.

As the game makes clear, it is all about helping the shark evolve. You can choose from 5 species and you can play the game all the way through without buying the in-app purchases. As you play the game you’ll be able to unlock larger, more powerful sharks, which would of course make Hungry Shark Evolution more fun than it already is.

For those who have never played games like these before, it should still be easy to pick up. And for long time players of the Hungry Shark series, this is a welcome addition. The sounds and graphics for the game have been improved, and the gameplay has become more exciting as well, keeping it ahead of imitators out there.

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