If you’re the type of person who has collected all the Once Upon a Time in China movies and still enjoy watching it today, there is a game that is designed especially for you. Twelve Sky 2 is set in ancient China where there are three clans that rule the land.

You can take your pick from the Imperial Dragon Clan, Royal Snake Clan and the Fierce Tiger Clan. There, now doesn’t that remind you of your old martial arts movies?

The game starts just like in any other MMORPG that you may have come across with. You are going to create a character and you will be given a few character customization options which you can use to make your character a little bit unique than the rest. You will also pick the kind of weapon that you will use in this game. Depending on the clan you choose, you will get to start playing in different areas. The different areas will be a treat to those who want a little variety in their games.

Twelve Sky 2 boasts of its incredible martial arts moves that you can only probably see in this game. Most other games have generic moves or just one particular fighting stance but in this free to play game, the combat system has diverse moves that let you take down a single enemy or attack a whole mob with it. There is lots of grinding that you might have to do here but doing it will not seem like a chore considering the diversity of the combat elements.

Because of the nature of this game, Twelve Sky 2 is deemed more of a PVP game rather than a PVE game. What does this mean? This means that you will be facing more player opponents than monster opponents, which is actually not a bad idea since a fighting game will always and forever be played better with a human opponent rather than an AI opponent. Dueling is fan because you get to get into skirmishes with members from our own clan or battle against other clans with a member of your own clan as an ally.

Whether you’re a lone player or a team player, Twelve Sky 2 satisfies the craving for a little brawl using martial arts techniques you would otherwise have only seen in Jackie Chan movies.

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