There are a ton of photo apps for the iPhone, but Mirrorgram by StageBloc Inc. is different from the rest. With Mirrorgram, you can add a mirror image to any object in the iPhone’s camera lens, but this isn’t just a simple mirroring trick as it can produce stunning kaleidoscope-like images. The app isn’t just free, but is also easy to use and you see what’s happening in real time.

To use, just press the M or gesture on the display, and you can make adjustments to the angles. After you have the image right, you can jazz it up by adding some special effects like black and white, blurring, a grungy look, high contrast and a lot more. By using one of these filters your image will be dramatically enhanced. There are other extra filters you can purchase, but the ones included in the app (which is compatible with the iPad) are more than enough.

There are other nice features on the app, such as letting you adjust the focal point and angles even after snapping the photo, making it easy to make some adjustments. There are a lot of other interesting features bundled in, and you’ll have fun exploring the app. The fact that it is free means you don’t lose anything by trying it. Because it is so easy to use, you won’t have any problems experimenting with images.

Once you’re done editing the image, you can share it with your friends by exporting the file to Instagram where you can manipulate it even more. You can also add captions to the pictures and share it at StageBloc, Twitter or Facebook.

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