Google Sky Map App

Google Sky Maps uses your phone's orientation tools to give you an accurate representation of the stars and planets on your screen. Point your phone at the sky, then learn what constellations are visible. It uses a combination of GPS, compass and accelerometer technology, allowing you to navigate the night sky and find stars and constellations (even from inside as you lay in your bed at night).

Brushes 3

Brushes 3 is an open source painting and drawing for the iOS. Developed by Taptrix Inc., it comes with a plethora of painting tools, and you can move between your mobile devices and keep painting. What makes Brushes different from others is that it uses a sophisticated OpenGL engine that makes it more responsive than other devices.

Drawing Desk

Drawing Desk from 4 Axis Solutions is a drawing app for the iOS and Android, and it is one of the few 3D brush stroke apps that are available. The app has several features including stickers, stamps, and assorted brushes, multiple undo, redo and more. In addition the app has a kids and adults mode so you can work in different ways.


There are a ton of photo apps for the iPhone, but Mirrorgram by StageBloc Inc. is different from the rest. With Mirrorgram, you can add a mirror image to any object in the iPhone's camera lens, but this isn't just a simple mirroring trick as it can produce stunning kaleidoscope-like images. The app isn't just free, but is also easy to use and you see what's happening in real time.


Aweditorium for the iPad redefines your digital music experience. This app from thesixtyone combines all content related to an indie artist interviews, high res video, lyrics photos and brings them all together. You get all the info you want from the artist while listening to their songs.
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Monopoly Hotels

Build, buy and manage you own hotels with this one awesome treat. Monopoly Hotels is inspired by the classic Monopoly board game but concentrates just a little bit more on the hotels rather than what you might be used to in the original. Start with a cheap piece of land and build your way to Donald Trump status or a Hilton chain. You choose the designs and amenities which will make or break you.

Instinctiv Music Player

Got internet connection? Get any song you want, on any device(s) you have. Bounce and share songs in a single breath. That's what the Instinctiv Player SyncStream is promising. As you'd expect with this or any other player, the Instinctiv Player SyncStream makes your entire music library available whenever you have an Internet connection. What's new is that you can grab almost any song of your whim, whether you are bouncing songs between devices or grabbing a song you heard blasting from a passing car.