Aweditorium for the iPad redefines your digital music experience. This app from thesixtyone combines all content related to an indie artist –interviews, high res video, lyrics photos – and brings them all together. You get all the info you want from the artist while listening to their songs.

If you love indie music or are on the lookout for the newest bands, Aweditorium is a must. The app is incredibly easy to use; you just choose an artist from the picture grid. Once you have made a choice, you’ll get to listen to one of their tracks, see links to their videos, dig up biographical facts, or just read the lyrics to their songs. What makes the app exceptional is the fact that it’s all DIY. All the information is provided by the artist or band, not by a big record company.


This is really what makes Aweditorium such a blast; part of the fun is going through the different pictures and finding those exceptional artists. But just to make sure that quality artists are chosen, there’s a screening process. Alternative rock is the best represented but you’ll hear music from other genres here as well.

If you find an indie artist that you particularly like, you can tweet them to your friends or buy their songs. Aweditorium is a unique app, perfect if you want to learn all about the wonderful world of indie music. Even if you don’t know much about indie music, Aweditorium will get you started.

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