Build, buy and manage you own hotels with this one awesome treat.

Monopoly Hotels is inspired by the classic Monopoly board game but concentrates just a little bit more on the hotels rather than what you might be used to in the original. Start with a cheap piece of land and build your way to Donald Trump status or a Hilton chain. You choose the designs and amenities which will make or break you.

Once you have the land, choose the types of rooms, restaurants and other attractions for guests. Building new amenities such as VIP rooms, gymnasiums and pools. These require a simple tap on the menus screen and of course, enough amount to finish the job.

You earn money in Monopoly Hotels by collecting the charges on your hotel rooms as well as other attractions in your hotel. There’s also a weird way you can get more cash to invest – by tapping on dollar bills that fall from the sky. However, the falling money can get in your way as you’re trying to build or maintain the rest of your hotel so you need to decide on short term and long term goals.

Monopoly Hotels includes the Electric Company which can earn you a few dollars but not much like in the boardgame. The real money and power is concentrated in building bigger hotels in better locations all so that you can drive your rivals out of business.

Monopoly hotels is probably more like Tiny Towers than the traditional Monopoly board game, still worth your time.

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