Table Tennis Pro is one of the best free sports games for Windows and the Mac OS. Published by Grass Games, it provides realistic 3D graphics and physics that will totally immerse you. The game also provides you with all the spin and power control you need to play well.

The power and control that is given you in Table Tennis Pro lets you add spin to your shots so you can hit the ball where you want and how you want it. The fact that there are different AI intelligence levels and unique control system means different situations will present themselves, forcing you to come up with different strategies. This also means you will see all sorts of shots like curling side spins, back spin shots, drop shots and more. In short it is like the real game.


Table Tennis Pro also has a unique 3D environment with a dozen playing rooms and you will also play with different balls, stands, table surfaces and nets, so the game never gets old. Once you are familiar with the game you can play in Tournament or League competitions to see how well you have learned the game.

Finally, Table Tennis Pro allows for multiplayer competition between PC to PC, Mac to Mac and PC and Mac. This is in addition to over 30 different AI, each of which has unique playing styles. It also has different strength levels so whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you will be able to find the right level. This is apart from the split and single screen modes.

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