Dreamboat‘s self-titled release is filled with melodies that flies us to a world of dreams, where every nook and cranny is filled with tiny little secrets.

In Dreamboat, the three-man group from Texas charms listeners with allures of enchanted indie musings with just the right hint of jazz. Dreamboat is the brainchild of Tess Gaston, Castle Kirk and Matt Stepter, who make music reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, Regina Spektor and First Aid Kit.

The album opens with Riverside, which brings into the fore Tess’ husky, soulful vocals that hinges between the boundaries of subtlety and daringness. It’s sweet and wild at the same time, and along with a soothing piano ensemble, makes an unpredictable gem to listen to.

Lantana Avenue evokes sensuality and playfullness with guitar strings jumping in a carefree fashion. Here, Dreamboat slowly encapsulates their brand of music, showing their preference for sweet, lovable melodies with a hint of spice.

Father’s Mend closes the album with bittersweet emotions sang over folksy guitars and a couple of drinks in a bar.

Dreamboat is different from your typical feel-good acoustic group. Its poetic lines tells stories of melancholy and love while its sound has its own peculiar vérité.

Track List:
1. Riverside
2. Lantana Avenue
3. Dear Child (Optical Sunrise)
4. Father’s Mend

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