FrostWireThe newest FrostWire release “Arctic Shield” (version 4.18.4) has arrived.

By the request of our users the latest version adds some serious connection and anti-spam improvements.

FrostWire “Arctic Shield” is by far the most significant update of 2009 and we strongly recommend this update.

Refresh Connections

An entirely new tool that lets you Refresh Connections, this will retrieve a list of fresh and active ultra-peers to connect with when your application cannot find any initial ones is a true lifesaver for some.

FrostWire “Arctic Shield” has updated UPnP code for improved router/firewall interaction to fix possible bootstrapping issues.

Ready for your new 64-bit OS

FrostWire “Arctic Shield” is compatible with the latest operating systems Microsoft’s Windows 7 and with Apple’s Snow Leopard, while keeping backwards compatibility with older versions.

Spam Battle Continues

Nonetheless, the most significant improvement to the software comes in the form of updated FrostWire’s IP BlackList technology that helps to remove over 70% of spam and fake search results from showing up on your screen.

Your Pictures on the Splash Screen

FrostWire Sticker NYC

FrostWire developers have also included a special functionality in this release that will display different user submitted Splash Screens every time FrostWire loads to showcase the creativity & involvement of our community.

Pictures of the FrostWire Stickers all over the world have been selected for many of the splash screens. We encourage everybody to get their set of free stickers and submit their own pictures for a chance of being featured on FrostWire loading screen on future updates.

If you have some pictures already, you can send them to contact [at] frostwire [dot] com.

We give attribution to the following photographers for the splash screens of 4.18.4: Nany Wilson, luis_fonseca2, xmarcelinaxx, Green_713, bigdogbee, Katay Santos, jacksonenterprize, Steven Blue and the FrostWire Team.

Here are the detailed release notes:

FrostWire “Arctic Shield” Version 4.18.4 (October-November 2009)

    – New: “Tools > Refresh Connections”. A network of FrostWire Sentinels maintains a list of reliable nodes that can be used to bootstrap your connection.
    – FrostWire IP BlackList technology updated to get rid of over 70% of spam and fakes (thanks Aaron.Walkhouse).
    – Update: latest UPnP code merged from LimeWire Codebase for better connectivity.
    – Update: Network core more efficient and stable thanks to the latest Apache HttpComponents (httpcore-4.0.1 and httpclient-4.0)
    – Update: Random Splash Screens. Now showing different community submitted Splash Screens to spread the FrostWire culture.
    – Update: The Chat Server is now a parameter on frostwire.props.
    – Fix: Connection Doctor addresses more connection bootstrapping issues.

About FrostWire
FrostWire is a peer-to-peer file sharing program for the Gnutella and BitTorrent protocols. FrostWire is written in Java, and is a fork of LimeWire, another popular Gnutella client. Released under the GNU General Public License, FrostWire is free software.

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