Windows does a good job most of the time, but there are things it could do better like shutting down all open applications. If you have several programs open at the same time, it can be a pain to shut them down one at a time, and that’s where CloseAll from NTWind Software comes in handy.

As the name makes clear, CloseAll is an app that will close all open Windows applications on your desktop. It will flash a “close” signal on all the open applications and close them quickly. If you have several programs open, it can be time consuming especially if you need to shut down all the applications at once. With CloseAll it won’t be a problem anymore.


It’s more than easy to use the app as well: basically you have a task list of all the open apps on the desktop. Simply choose an applications you want to close and click OK: that’s all you need to do. There are however, a few other options on the application, so if you look at the main menu you’re going to see the “Small Icon” view and you can enable and disable task grouping.

The CloseAll program can also be pinned to the Windows 7 taskbar so it’s easier to access, and this is a very convenient feature especially if you use a lot of programs. Rather than add CloseAll to the number of programs open, just stick it on the taskbar so with just one click you’re ready to close those applications. Simply put if you use a lot of programs, then you’ll need this to unclutter the desktop.

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