Technically, this entry from newcomer Glad Town Ghosts is not an EP but a single (with the traditional B-sides included), but it’s really amazing that we’re compelled to include it anyway.

Recently signed with Massive Skull Records, the band is the brain fart of Dale Husband, with “occasional company” thrown in, as he says on his page. Regardless who he’s with, we absolutely think that his first release Northwards Over Your Home is a fantastic one.

Resonating the sound of poignant indie acts under his belt, Dale belts out the morose title track “Northwards Over Your Home” with the aplomb we’re longing for. Together with those steady strums and instrumentations, we can picture the single as an accompanying soundtrack to a Sundance flick.

The “Coalmine Song” follows in succession, and his inclination towards the banjo-esque sound is a pleasant surprise here, as it’s as folksy as it can get; it’s actually quite a favorite for the staff. On “Rivers Ran Dry, Bottles Ran Low” though, we can now see the progression as his sound transitions to a more adult contemporary one (a hint, we guess) on this track.

Bookending the collection are the demos “Borders” and “Leaning & The Sea“, which puts his Dylan-ish vocals into prominence. These are almost poetic as to not need any official versions anymore. Sounds like we’re staying in “glad town” for good.

Track listing: 
1. Northwards Over Your Home
2. The Coalmine Song
3. Rivers Ran Dry, Bottles Ran Low
4. Borders
5. Leaning & The Sea

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