DEVYN+RO$E (Tanya Dormevil) didn’t get to hear much music growing up, something she admits. But that didn’t stop her from carving out a career in the industry as a singer and songwriter. Now, her LP Thir$ty demonstrates her musical growth, and through the lyrics tell the story of how she overcomes her struggles. There’s food for thought here, and musically it’s also a treat for hip hop fans.

The album opens with the lush Falling 4 U, probably Rose’s best known song, and her sultry voice takes us through the sensations of falling in love. Stellar shifts the tone and is about doing things her way, and this is also expressed in Cops X Jury, a song that gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to live under a spotlight. Definitely one of the best songs in the album.

The sexy – and explicit – Robothot follows and then the atmospheric Mood Killah. Both songs again showcase Rose’s depth and versatility tackling various subjects. Can’t Complain is about how to live the life in style, and then we have the 6 minute plus Cryptic. with emphatic lyrics like “I’m the cream of the crop”, the overriding theme is coming out on top, which is also echoed in the excellent Dracular and the slow jamming Gangsta (I Stay Lit).

The lusty Killah + Bad rivals Robothot in eroticism, while No Way has this atmospheric, spacey feel to it. The arrangement in No Way evokes mystery as well, an undercurrent in the other tracks. Thir$ty, the title track, delivers the goods and encapsulates the themes of struggle and success in the album. Rose’s smooth delivery is evident in Rockin and Look, and the last song,Who Are You has some of the coolest grooves here. From start to finish, Thir$ty proves Rose is for real.

Favorite Tracks
Falling 4 U
Copx X Jury

Track List
1. Falling 4 U 2:54
2. Stellar 3:13
3. Cops X The Jury 3:47
4. Robothot 4:23
5. Mood Killah 3:55
6. Can’t Complain 4:12
7. Cryptic 6:05
8. Dracular 3:40
9. Gangsta 2:47
10. Killah + Bad 2:28
11. No Way 2:13
12. Thir$ty 3:18
13. Rockin 2:54
14. Look 2:17
15. Who Are You 2:33

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