Kevin Michael is at it again with another spunky mixtape.

This time, we’re revisiting his 13-track collection, LISA, which stands for “love is so amazing”. The concept album, put together with the help of Michael’s longtime collaborator Brian Kidd, is a lite nostalgic affair that takes you back to the glory of the 2009-2010 musical period: pulsating beats, ‘swagger’, and ultra-smooth harmonies — elements that currently proliferates today’s top 40 picks.

The Joe Garston mash-up “There’s a Light” should have you getting up your seats, especially with the evident Daft Punk influence in the song’s arrangement. It quickly makes way to the more urban “Cherry Bomb“, one of Major Lazer’s first and finest concoctions, whose thud-heavy and pompous production is exceptional during the time of its release.

I Don’t Trust Your Love“, on the other hand, is an 80’s-inspired tune that completely encapsulates the whole “hair net” thing, as with the succeeding “The Rain“. Someone has been raiding their own vinyls lately.

For a debut release, Kevin sure is one mighty talent.

Track listing:
1. LISA – Transition I
2. There’s A Light (Joe Garston Mashup)
3. Cherry Bomb (Major Lazer Mashup)
4. Romance – Transition II
5. I Don’t Trust Your Love
6. The Rain (feat. LISA)
7. Lady Killer
8. FatBack
9. Outta Here
10. Cells – Transition III
11. What Is This Feeling?
12. ▲ (deadmau5 Mashup)
13. Areola (Bonus Track)

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