Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is the sequel to the popular endless runner. Published by Adult Swim, this game has you in control of a robot unicorn that has to navigate platforms and go through star barriers. Just like the original this has well designed jumping, but the rest of the graphics and gameplay have been improved. In addition, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 has more enemies that will require to think and play fast.

Unlike the original, the star barriers here will actually fire before you get there, making things more difficult. But aside from more challenging enemies, it’s the graphics that have been fully upgraded from the original. It is very lush and the depth and textures have been increased. And yes, the bright pastel styling is still here, and it looks particularly good on the iPhone and iPad.

In addition to the lush graphic, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 lets you upgrade your unicorn, allowing it to fly, and this is a really nice feature as it gives you the freedom to move more quickly, although the precision isn’t the same. Other items in the game let you make short and long dashes, move faster and so on. Apart from these features Robot Unicorn Attack 2 provides additional challenges, allowing you to survive as long as possible.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a very good endless runner game, and if you’re into this you would definitely like this one. It has a lot of nice features and it comes not just with cool graphics but also pretty good music too. It is quite simply, superior to the original in all aspects.

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