Being connected seems to be one of the most important and integral part of our life today. Everyone is connected 24X7 via Facebook, Twitter, BBM, E-mail and the likes. Of course there are apps like WhatsApp to help you in keeping the conversation going, but even it falls short in one department and that being Voice Calls. So, here we have a worthy alternative – Line. The app not only facilitates chatting, but also gives users the option to make voice calls over their active data connection.

Created by Naver, a Japan based developer, this app really stands out among the many communication enabling apps on the market these days, providing users with the greater amount of fluidity and snappiness.

The whole user-interface of Line is great, somewhat like WhatsApp, but still holding its own ground. Users can setup their own desired wallpaper for the extra customization and personal touch. Once you try to initiate a conversation with a particular friend, the app will give them the option to either start a chat or make a free voice call, which works like a charm.

The more peppy at heart would love the ability to go beyond the normal Emoji, by introducing Stickers and Emoticons (the stickers come in the form of huge characters that seem to come straight out from a Japanese cartoon and the Emoticons look more like the olden days smileys made up of brackets and symbols). These options make the conversation much more interesting all while adding a bit of a spunk to the whole messenger environment.

Overall, the app is really worth trying with some great features and functionality. Using it is as simple as 1-2-3, but remember in order for it to work its magic you will need your friend to be using Line as well. Moreover, the app is not restricted only to the Smartphone world, as users can also communicate with Line using their PCs and MAC. This is truly an amazing app.

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