MazeFinger certainly knows how to make your fingers work for you. It’s a pretty cool game that ensures your fingers get a good workout trying to figure out more than 1000 mazes while beating the clock.

The game was created by then up-and-coming-developer-to-watch-out-for Ngmoco. Most developers might get pressured with this tag but instead, ngmoco actually stepped up and delivered.

MazeFinger is an amazing, highly addictive game.┬áIt works great on both the iPhone and iPod Touch; taking advantage of the amazing graphics that’s offered in these devices.

If you are looking for something to pass the time, MazeFinger can help you run the clock. It is challenging, fun and features wonderful, electrifying graphics. The game lets you use your fingers as you navigate through mazes in lightning speeds. You’ll have to avoid traps as well as blocks while you do so in order to win the game.

Of course, to give you a feel for the game, the mazes start off easy. From simple straight lines to turns, but as you progress it gets even more complicated. Plus, you have the obstacles as well as the time limit to worry about. Factor all this in and pretty soon, you’ll find yourself rushing through and trying to keep up with the pace.

In addition, the graphics add to the appeal of the game. As you play, you’ll see flashes and bursts of colorful lights on the screen that are made even more special thanks to the device’s screen resolutions. Having an OS3 will allow you to hook up with friends and play with them. This adds more depth to the game.

Although there are instances when the game reaction is a bit slow, MazeFinger is still an amazing title to download. It’s the first game for upstart developer, ngmoco and it seems they have a very bright future ahead of them. Easily one of the most fun games for the iPhone.

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