Stickman Rush from Ketchapp Games is a sidescroller that will bring back fond memories of those pixelated games you used to play. However, this isn’t just strong on aesthetics as its gameplay is just as good. While it’s basically a lane changing scroller, Stickman Rush has a few more aces up its sleeve.

Your stickman character is in a rocket ship, flying across a crowded three lane highway, and it’s your job to make sure he doesn’t crash his rocket into any of the obstacles in his path. Apart from avoiding traffic, your stickman must also collect coins along the way, adding to the fun and challenge.

You change lanes by swiping up and down and jump over traffic and other objects by swiping right. The control setup might take some getting used to since the game is displayed in an isometric angle. You would think that because of this display angle, you ought to swipe at an angle too. However you need to swipe straight up or down, and doing otherwise will have your rocket jump.

While the controls are different in Stickman Rush, they do work and it’s something you will get used to. As for the game itself, the premise is simple but addictive, and it makes you want to give it ‘one more shot’ over and over, and the more coins you collect, the more vehicles you’ll be able to unlock.

There are more than a few sidescroller games available, but Stickman Rush is a worthy addition to your collection. It’s easy to pick up and it offers plenty to keep you happily occupied.

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