Seabeard is a game from Backflip Studios that has a little bit of everything; action, strategy, adventure, resource gathering. It takes place on a pirate island where you collect resources and go on quests along the way; all while restoring the island’s former glory. While the premise sounds easy, the game has more than a few challenges in store just for you.

Seabeard is a large game, and if you want to be good at it you must spend some time learning how it works. Much of your time will be spent sailing around the various islands looking for the items that your island needs, beginning with fish to sell and materials for your house.

You can travel from one island to another by two methods. The first uses an energy bar and requires you to finish a mini game. If you do well in the mini games, you’ll be able to travel for extended periods. Option two is the fast travel method. With the fast travel method you can continue to wander even with no more energy left, and you’ll have energy for your cannon in case trouble arrives.

Apart from gathering resources, Seabeard will also have you going on several side quests, and you also need to go into the beaches to collect materials, go to the forests to find fruits, fishing and more. There’s a lot of stuff to do here, but it doesn’t feel forced, and it’s a lot of fun.

Seabeard has some truly tasty looking graphics, and the design and feel is similar to what you’d expect on console games today. Overall, this is an enjoyable game.

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