Made initially for Belgium, FRED et marie now expands to a wider audience — the world wide web.

This thought-provoking short attempts to shows the real deal in marriages controlled by psychological violence. It’s created by Marine Vincent and Pierre Jadot. It’s also directed by TheDeck & Lenitch under LOVO Films as well as BONJOUR Inc.

The story revolves around Marie, a young woman who is trapped within a controlling and abusive relationship with her appalling husband.

Though it is quite a sad story, it’s not a sappy tearjerker. The film gives a healthy dose of drama just right to prove a distinct point. The acting here is superb and believable. Marie’s silent character paints a stark contrast to that of his husband, building a silent tension that serves as the backbone of the story.

I love how it does not force a certain opinion. The film’s lack of confrontation to the pertaining abuse gives room for the audience to feel more emotions in fighting against these kinds of stories.

FRED et marie is an exquisite short that showcases flawless film making. This revolutionary piece tries to paint the real picture of these relationships while displaying it to the whole world to evoke certain actions. It’s eye-opening and worth a watch.

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