Start your day in a good mood with fresh pop indie tracks from waterpistol‘s latest album, blue waters.

Hailing from Netherlands, waterpistol is the brainchild of James Powell and Naomi Zeilemaker. The band of two was formed in the summer of 2014, and, through crowdfunding via the Dutch Arts Foundation, they have successfully released their four-track debut EP.

Waterpistol charms its way to our playlists with a feeling of instant gratification, especially upon hearing the smooth guitars in the opening track, War. Here, we are treated with almost three and a half minutes of chill, laid-back sound that’s perfect for weekend bumming or road trips.

Second stop is title track Blue Waters, which is the perfect anthem when going to the beach as its funky reggae beats blend well with the percussion instrumentation.


Melody For The Grass is an ambient piece that lets Naomi’s ethereal vocals take center stage. Close your eyes and let the combination of ghostly, angelic vocals and intricate folk strings lull you to sonic bliss.

By listening to the tracks in blue waters, waterpistol lets the audience connect to the story of each song and envelope themselves with beautiful memories.

Track List:
1. War
2. Blue Waters
3. Floating In Medicine
4. Melody For The Grass

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