Tank a.k.a. PacBoiTank recently released his latest musical project, 6 Shots. Tank uses his lyrical ability to translate his present struggles as a father and as an artist into his craft.

This EP includes verses from fellow Austin emcees Kydd Jones, Deezie Brown and Lil Milez, as well as native Oregonian Cory Kendrix and Philadelphia’s Asaad AKA Saudi Money.

Accented beats and erratic rhythms, make Whatever a song filled with a lot of swag. Seconds upon listening to this track, and you’ll eventually get an idea why this EP is a great attention-grabber.

For hiphop fanatics, Six Shots gives more than six reasons why you should keep this EP in your everyday playlist. With the hard-hitting beats followed by extensive blows, this track will keep you psyched all day.

Drunk as Fuck‘s solid production gives this EP that extra boost to the hiphop scape. There were moments when an electro rhythm will cut into the song, which gives it that ultra-party vibe.

All in all, PacBoiTank has created an ideal dance EP that features of a solid hiphop foundation. 6 Shots is true to its skin in unraveling the artist’s sentimentality without loosing its spark to get you moving.

Track List:
1. Intro (prod. by Cory Kendrix)
2. Whatever (prod. by Cmore)
3. Six Shots (interlude prod. by Kydd Jones)
4. Drunk As Fuck (prod. by Johnny Swindles)
5. Break You Off (interlude prod. by Deezie Brown)
6. Getting My Thoughts Together (prod. by Scott Pace)
7. In The AM (interlude prod. by Johnny Swindles)
8. One Deep (prod. by Shahin)
9. Leaders Life Forever (prod. by Kydd Jones)
10. Cheers (prod. by Taylor Brewer)

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