The new VYVCH album, Royal Treatment, is out and up for grabs! Take some chill pill and bask in some cinematic electronic hiphop straight from Russia. VYVCH is a music producer who was once known as _et. He also releases music under the moniker, The Movie Theater.

Featuring a hefty collection of eleven tracks, Royal Treatment kicks off with Bubblelicious. Bold, slow beats open the record while atmospheric melodies slowly ease in and gather a full momentum, creating a sexy variation of beat and flow.

First Hit Of The Morning utilizes some rock/electro arrangement and stirs it with rhytmic beats and pauses. The chimes in the middle of the piece gives off the right amount of psychedelic high.

In Stoner Party, funky electro musings are balanced with heart-pumping beats. The glitches and beeps add a cool vibe to the piece. While Smoking on the shore oozes with much experimentation. In this track, VYVCH creates a playground of soulful vintage samples and low reverberating vocals.


Featuring a pleasurable mix of jazz and electro hip hop, Stonerville elicits some steady groove. Play this record during late night dinners/drinks with friends and let it set the right ambience.

Royal Treatment is a cool album that places itself effortlessly on the indiescape charts. The tracks here are digestible and flawlessly controlled, making this a download-worthy collection.

Track List:
1. Bubblelicious
2. First hit of the morning
3. Stoner party
4. Frozen bong
5. All in all
6. Smoking on the shore
7. She’s not home
8. Barely baked
9. Vapour medicine
10. Stonerville
11. On and on

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