Indie pop introduces a hip new face in Desire 願う, the latest musical offering from Spazzkid. After a one-year hiatus, the LA-based electronic artist treats us with eight glittering, j-pop influenced tracks.

Spicing things up is standout track Getting to Know You. This crowd favorite brims with eclectic melodies that curls and dances at their own beat. The high-pitched chimes slowly builds into a sensual, groove-inducing tempo while spacey vocals adds that right kind of high.

Kokeshi Dolls follows with a handful of grit and lo-fi harmonies. Listen as extending electronic beats flawlessly combines with periodic beats. What makes this song unique is the balance between experimentation and old favorites, creating good music that does not cloud the ears.

In Candy Flavored Lips, Spazzkid collaborated with Skymarines from Davao, Philippines. In this song, the artist attempts to create an ambient utopia, which sparkles with vibrant laid back sound and ghostly vocals. While seventh track Marquez‘s distinct beauty comes with its stellar production. Listen as piano keys and electro tunes are rearranged with catchy vocal samples.


If Not You Then Who concludes the album in wonder as beautiful chimes and swirling luscious sounds creates a kind mysticism that’s not too sweet nor not too dark.

Desire is indeed a powerful track that does not disappoint even the most astute listener. With a strong following on Bandcamp, Spazzkid has indeed resurrected himself from hiatus by brilliantly delivering an iconic, playlist-worthy collection.

Track List:
1. Getting to Know You
2. Kokeshi Doll
3. 40 Winks
4. Forgiveness
5. Loving Free
6. Candy Flavored Lips (feat. Skymarines)
7. Marquez
8. If Not You Then Who

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