Wanderings EP is the third album produced by the WAYO. This album leans toward R&B, soul, and hip-hop. Armed with saxophone, Wanderings EP is sexy, enticing, with a punch of funk that will make you groove.

Lay it Down is jazzy, sexy, and alluring R&B track. The vocals is deep and enticing that it fits perfectly with the track. The saxophone indeed give the song more character than the usual as it plays toward the end of the song.

Skat is funky for an R&B, but it is still as captivating as it supposed to be. The combination of sax, bass, keyboards, percussion and guitar is beautifully translated. The vocals, meanwhile, is perfect in a jazzy spin and of course, enticing—a Wilson’s signature.

The intro of Undone, is hauntingly beautiful. As the song progresses, the vocals capture the attention because, really, you cannot get enough of Wilson’s distinctive vocals. Undone is a combination of hip-hop/soul/R&B that will sway you all the way.

Stay is the most soulful track in the album. The fusion of the musical instruments and the vocals is stunning. It still has that funk that will make you groove. It even has a catchy chorus.

Wanderings EP is a four-track album that will captivate you with the deep and flirtatious vocals and fits right in your aesthetics.

Track List:
1. Lay it Down
2. Skat
3. Undone
4. Stay

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