Backyard Monsters Unleashed from publisher Kixeye is something that should be familiar to Facebook users, and now it is available for the iOS. This is a village building / combat strategy game that will provide you with plenty of challenges and addictive gameplay, and it is free to boot.

There are many titles like this, but Backyard Monsters Unleashed is different because you have to build a village from the ground up, and you need to carefully manage your resources. As you build those structures keep in mind that your goal is to have the biggest village. You need to use stones, sticks and putty for structures, while goo is used to breed the monsters you will use in battles.

Several monsters are available that you can develop and train and you must harness their strengths and learn their weaknesses too. The more you play the game, the more tactics become important, and you have to learn which of the numerous fighting techniques to employ. Aside from building a village and training monsters you can take part in campaign mode with 27 missions. Or you may opt for invasion mode instead where it’s player vs. player, and in many ways that is the most enjoyable mode.

Backyard Monsters Unleashed is more than a simple village building strategy game as there is a lot to cover here, and there’s more to it than just gathering resources. If you are tired of the usual village building games then give Backyard Monsters Unleashed a shot, as it is offers something original, and it’s very addictive.

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