Nothing Less Than Nostalgia is an energy-inducing album produced by Get The Picture. It is a collection of pop-rock-punk tracks with two tracks as acoustic and remix.

Take A Chance might at first sound like the usual pop-rock song, but this track has that kickass energy enveloped around it. First, the vocals is very distinctive and is perfect for a pop-rock genre. Second, the musical instruments such as drums, guitar, bass, etc fuses that will release a neon pop-rock. Lastly, it is very catchy and simply rocks.

Secrets (Call Me Out) is pumping with energy. The vocals is stronger than the usual, and still matched with the energy-inducing track. It is a head bopping, energetic, and dynamic track.

Deal or No Deal has a very upbeat intro, as it guitar riffs amazingly. The vocals are leaning towards angst but full of emotion. The amazing part in this song is probably the bridge part of the song where the guitar riffs and drums gives an exciting explosion.


For the Chase (Angelo. Remix) is a fun EDM. It is not ear-splitting, but its unique remix differs radically with the original For the Chase. It is not a bad thing though, because it gives the song more flavor and more groove.

Nothing Less Than Nostalgia is a nine-track album that will surely be loved by pop-rock fans.

Track List:
1. Take A Chance
2. For The Chase
3. Color In The Past
4. Cross My Heart
5. Secrets (Call Me Out)
6. Deal Or No Deal
7. Tangled In The Moment
8. For The Chase (Angelo. Remix)
9. Take A Chance (Acoustic)

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