Ain’t No Love, an electro hiphop quartet join forces to issue some body moving and edgy music in their self-titled EP.

Labeled by some as “Renegade Pop” or simply “exciting”, this Toronto-based group consists of Liam Clarke (Love Thy Brother), Roly Broere (1990), Elias McBean (Beanz), and Saidah Bowen (Saidah Conrad). The group has already shared the stage with renowned artists such as Iggy Azalea, Rockie Fresh, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, and Redman.

Released last April 2012, Ain’t No Love EP features six tracks that will surely court a lot of core following. Shine opens up with an explosion of a heavy melodic background. Saidah’s soothing vocals transitions smoothly in between spurs of heavy, clean rapping.

Step Hard RMX follows with sporadic beats mixed with a rapid delivery and altered vocals. The slow, sexy chorus blended with the loud hiphop takes the spotlight as it slithers and booms in your ears.


Crafted for easy listening, Crash & Burn transforms electronic hiphop into a whole new level. Ain’t No Love has created a sonic gem that highlights the group’s assets hypnotizing vocals, heart-thumping wordplay, and top-of-the-line musicality.

Get ready to conquer the dance floor as Renegade offers listeners steady club mixes that’s both trippy and funky. The varying texture, arrangement, and edge make this piece a must-hear.


This download also comes with the amazing bonus track Gone Already. Press play and let the sexiness of this song channel its way to your soul.

In this EP, Ain’t No Love has pushed themselves ahead of the pack with a well-rounded variety of emotions and infectious beats that satisfies even the most astute listener.

Track List:
1. Shine
2. Step Hard RMX
3. Love Me Lots
4. Crucified
5. Crash & Burn
6. Renegade
7. Gone Already (Bonus Track)

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