Using nothing but an acoustic guitar and his astonishing vocals, Nathaniel Noton-Freeman makes incomparable music. Seabirds was released last March 2013. This album yields music that focuses on pedal effects.

Playing entertaining post-rock genre, his sound produces an unforgettable tune. Nathaniel proves to be an authentic and bold artist by restricting his music with the use of acoustic guitar only.

The emotional imprint of Seabirds, moves beyond the craving, thoughtful tones that his songs create. His faith in his own creative style is well-founded, a work amplifies its emotional strength.

Op. 1 – Fishes is about wholly dedicating yourself to something/someone that is very important in your life. This song carries a very joyful characteristic, which is mostly absent on soft-listening songs. Despite having this upbeat post-rock touch, he still manages to maintain the ambient atmosphere of the song.

A high-sprited song, Op. 2 – Seabirds emulates the traits of being alive and free. Being a waltz song, this song will definitely make you feel unperturbed. While Op. 3 – Building Cranes at Night is about the events in your life that changes or affects your being for a lifetime.

It is evident that Nathaniel’s album is one of a kind. Imposing a unique approach in creating music, this one is definitely enjoyable like a fresh bag of fruits in the morning.

Track List:
1. Op. 1 – Fishes
2. Op. 2 – Seabirds
3. Op. 3 – Building Cranes At Night
4. Op. 4 – A Body Of Water Shining Brightly
5. Op. 5 – Bombyliidae
6. Op. 6 – Santiago The Fisherman
7. Op. 7 – That WIND!
8. Op. 8 – Simon

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