Got 5-10 minutes to spare on your break? Then you might want to hit up your PC and play Akrasia. The title comes from a Greek word, meaning, “acting against one’s better judgment.”

In the game, you play a small, round character that has to navigate inside a maze representing your mind. On your way, there are various pills that you take which helps increase your score at the cost of a degrading life point. Plus, monsters chase you and your surrounding turns dark and nasty every time you forget to take your “pill.”

Akrasia lets you control your character using arrow keys or WASD, depending on your preference. It contains colorful graphics which make it worthwhile to play by itself. Moreover, the music is also quite good.

As mentioned, you’ll spend your time walking through a maze looking for the exit. To give you some help, there’s an arrow pointing to it but you have to be quick on your toes since it moves around so looking for it is the challenge. On your life bar, which is shaped like a tree, you get icons representing various things in life like a home, friends and family, a pet and even a loved one or just love.

It’s obvious that the game does try and reflect the metaphor of addiction or maybe even some sort of illness; taking too much drugs/pills will kill you, but you do need to take them to keep the maze from turning “dark and dreary” or keep monsters from catching you. As you play, you constantly have to keep this balance between taking drugs enough to just keep the “bad things” away.

Although the game is pretty entertaining, the message it sends (drugs are only good when taken enough or as long as you don’t go overboard) might send a bit of a discomfort on some people. Nevertheless, it’s a great 5-10 minute game you can enjoy.

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