If you’re a fan of shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, One Tree Hill or maybe Vampire Diaries, then chances are you might have heard of Glass Pear’s music even without knowing it.

It’s an odd moniker but the project is actually spearheaded by London based singer/songwriter, Yestyn Griffiths.

Crafting beautiful melodic, acoustic, pop music, it’s no surprise that his songs are picked up as material for various TV shows and dramas. His sound is clear and easily translates great emotion to the listeners. 

Glass Pear has a knack for adding so much emotion and depth to an otherwise simple indie pop song. Topped with emphatic vocals, it’s easy to feel all the lyrics and fall for the moment as the song plays on.

Last Days of Your Life, beautifully opens with simple pianos and gorgeous vocals before blooming into a soaring indie pop song filled with guitars and upbeat tempo.

Meanwhile, title track, Streets of Love is fast and poppy similar to what you’d hear from Snow Patrol in their more upbeat moments. Coupled with cute lyrics and some sing song “badadap-dap” thrown in the chorus; it’s easy to like the track. You’ll also find the same cheerful mood in Come Alive, while the cuts, My Ghost, and Wild Place, are two of the quietest singles on the album.

Overall, indie music lovers will find this a great record. It’s a pretty solid piece that deserves recognition. Like any indie film, you might find your own soundtrack from these songs. Grab the download, this one’s for free.

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