If you’re looking for a quick escape to a land of overflowing mush, Le Premier is your best bet.

Nashville-based Molly Parden, who now has three EPs under her belt, kick-started her music career with this modest 4-track collection of guitar-driven ditties that can actually rival those overplayed Taylor Swift songs any day.

The glory days-reminiscing “C’est la Vie” serves Molly’s best features straight up: mellow vocals, lite country strumming, and heart-wrenching lyrics. Just give me some time, she asks, which probably points the song’s conception to a post-college haze. (?)

Cream Soda Kiss” is just as frothy as the subject matter itself. Young love takes a whole new, glucose-ridden level, and we’re afraid we might develop diabetes at an early stage of our lives. It’s that sweet.

Then, Molly does the serenading with “Love Bird“, another potential couple anthem whose electric riffs add that prom-ready feel to the song. Truthfully, this might be the love child of a hit we know as “Unchained Melody”.

Molly Parden

Sudden as it seems, conclusion came too soon with “A Maiden’s Last Thoughts Before Becoming A Bride (This Is It, Love)“, complete with an accompanying male duet, giving us this queazy idea that this EP is Molly’s step-by-step love letter to her future husband.

If Sheryl Crow was still in her 20s now and imbibed the sensitivities of Taylor, this would probably be the result.

Track listing:
1. C’est la Vie
2. Cream Soda Kiss
3. Love Bird
4. A Maiden’s Last Thoughts Before Becoming A Bride (This Is It, Love)

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