Tiny Thief is an adventure stealth action game that brings back memories of those old point and click adventures. While it harkens to the classic games, develop Rovio Stars has done an excellent job of adopting this for the mobile touchscreen. In addition, the game separates itself nicely from all those that require you to buy IAPs to have any sort of fun. Not here.


Tiny Thief combines adventure with action and stealth. You play the role of a “good” thief, like Robin Hood, who makes a point of helping locals in distress while getting involved in a bit of mischief every now and then. Game controls are simple, as you tap an area to get there, and to interact with an object, you just touch it.

Using those controls you’ll be able to conceal yourself in barrels, move stealthily on rooftops and climb ladders. As the Tiny Thief you’ll also be using these controls to sneak past the guards. One of the quirks in the control is you can’t tap several zones in sequence for action queuing, but it does mean you’ll hardly ever make accidental moves.

The fact that the controls are very precise in Tiny Thief is an advantage since the slightest wrong move can blow your cover. Each level on Tiny Thief has three objectives, locate an object, a ferret and clearing the level. With a lot of things to do, the game will keep you occupied. If you get stuck, there’s a hint system built in to help you out, so you can keep playing.

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