Drop Not by Oddrok is an arcade style puzzle game, and your objective is to make sure these cute geometric creatures are able to traverse the dangerous paths without falling. The controls are easy to learn, but you need quick reflexes to make sure that you survive the level and move on.

The game is simple enough: you decide what animal shape the cube appears, then it automatically moves on the path. As the path changes direction you have to tap the screen to make sure it does not fall off. As the cube rolls on, multipliers pop up and blocks appear too, but you have to focus and make sure the cube doesn’t fall off the path.

The path zigzags a lot, so you need to be quick with your taps and response time. You can play Drop Not in portrait mode too, great if you’re commuting. With its simple controls it’s the type of game that casual gamers will like, but there’s some depth to this too so you can play for long stretches as well.

The isometric perspective gives you a good view of the cool graphics, and by using keys or watching videos you’ll be able to unlock new characters. One of the nice things about the characters is they have different speeds and traits so it’s not just a paint job. The cube creatures also roll a bit slow, which is good as it allows you to advance quickly. The game also has milestones, and when you get there and use keys, you don’t have to start all over, which is incentive to keep playing.

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