When’s the last time you heard a great rock record?

If the answer is “light years ago,” then now would be the time. Fortunately, Oddepoxy has got us covered with its impressive full-length, the self-titled Oddepoxy.

From being a side project, the band evolved into a full-time gig: producing an EP and playing gigs at different spaces such as coffee shops, metal venues, and battle of the bands.

Certainly, there’s nothing to battle about anymore, as the album packs a lot of potential hits, or aptly, gems that are destined to be future fan favorites.

The open track “Prognition” culls a lot of ’80s sensibilities – particularly traces of Simon & Garfunkel, a profound influence that pours over the next tunes, such as the almost-reggae “Italy in Italics” and the chill “Wandering Seeds.”

Isn’t free music great?

Track listing:
1. Prognition
2. Italy in Italics
3. Out to Sea
4. Albatross
5. Mirage
6. Wandering Seeds
7. Drift
8. Fickle Author
9. Carve
10. View for Two
11. Cicadas
12. Third Lung
13. Subsiding Tides

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