Just Plain Ant: Fly

This album is a first production by Richmond, VA producer Just Plain Ant in which he showcases many young & creative local artist. Seemingly old-fashioned at heart, with carefully drafted lyrics and classic beats, the album offers what the main stream bling-infested, sex-oriented money driven hip-hop scene is missing: fresh, thought-provoking & innovative release. "Fly" features artists like Rasul The Nobody, Brad Oblivion, EENJ, Joey Ripps, Stephany Alva and others.

Oddepoxy: Oddepoxy

When’s the last time you heard a great rock record? If the answer is “light years ago,” then now would be the time. Fortunately, Oddepoxy has got us covered with its impressive full-length, the self-titled Oddepoxy.

Old Man Wizard: Unfavorable

I might be a huge, huge pop fan, but I know a good rock band when I hear it. Such is the case with Old Man Wizard, whose “rock” label isn’t only for show, but is also here to debunk everyone who’s pretending that they are.

Battle Circus

Exploding performances and complex, ambitious arrangements pretty much describe Battle Circus. Originally from New Zealand, the band has relocated to the US in 2010 to focus in spreading their sound and touring the continent. No strangers to the festival circuit, the boys have also performed plenty of awesome sets in support of Amanda Palmer and Gary Numan. This self-titled record carries 10 progressive cuts including two remastered tracks from their debut EP, The Half Light Symphony.

Racing Glaciers

Describing themselves as a band that mostly writes about "rivers and nighttime," Racing Glaciers makes for an intriguing yet slightly offbeat group. This self-titled album features 6 cuts that range from slow indie folk rock to electro infused alternative cuts. Gathering influences from Led Zeppelin, Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie and Pink Floyd to name a few; the band consists of Tim Monaghan, Danny Thorpe, Matt Scheepers, and Simon Millest.

Hell is Now Love Records Sampler

Hell is Now Love Records Sampler is a compilation of some of the best bands the label has to offer. Practically throwing it at your feet, the album is available as a free download. It contains 7 tracks from bands like Lost Rockets, Mason Chic and Black Science to name a few. All of them are under the label's roster and have already released or will release their own albums in the next months or so. Containing a flurry mix of rock, indie pop, alternative plus a touch of psychedelic noise; the sampler makes for a good jumping point into the labels band bin.

Strange Mangers: Strange Mangers

Quiet, post rock group from Boston, Strange Mangers, finally releases their melancholic and hypnotic self-titled debut compilation. Listening to the band's sound, you'll capture a whiff of melodic guitars, coupled with hazy vocals and an expansive range of sounds that seem to take you from dreamland, reality, and back. Although the band is still new and there's hardly anything about them online, their sound is enough to convince listeners that their post rock sound is worth checking out and listening to. Their album is currently available for free at BandCamp.

One Lick Less: We Could be Quiet

One Lick Less proves that you can do so much with just drum & bass and the occasional vocals. We Could Be Quiet contains music that hovers around free-ranging blues, progressive improv and even "spectral math rock." When you listen, it's not hard to see all this. The album is an intense, sometimes instrumental, compilation full of eclectic bits and pieces all cohesively working together. The result is impressive, in terms of range and style. It's also something difficult to describe since it's rare to hear such a unique sound.