Noname: Telefone

Noname is no novice at rap. We were first introduced to her and her mellow style of delivery on Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap mixtape. Since then, the Chicago ra... Read More

Saba: ComfortZone

Chicago has always been a major breeding ground for rap-talent; whether we're talking about the appearance of Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco a decade ago or the new... Read More

Jamila Woods: HEAVN

The name Jamila Woods may ring a bell to many music listeners. The Chicagoan poet and activist was featured on Chance the Rapper's 2015 hit Sunday Candy, his re... Read More

Chief Keef: Sorry 4 The Weight

Chief Keef drops a fresh-off-the-rack mixtape titled Sorry 4 The Weight. With collaborations with Andy Milonakis and Benji Glo, expect nothing but the beast from this 18-track offering.

Derek Clegg: Head Down Sunrise

Summertime is a super swell time, except for the scorching heat that intensifies each year. To complement (or to aptly put it, “counter”) this temporal climate imbalance, a required listening of Derek Clegg‘s latest effort, Head Down Sunrise, is a must.

Oddepoxy: Oddepoxy

When’s the last time you heard a great rock record? If the answer is “light years ago,” then now would be the time. Fortunately, Oddepoxy has got us covered with its impressive full-length, the self-titled Oddepoxy.

Derek Clegg: Stop The Line

Singer-songwriter Derek Clegg serenades the alt folk country community with Stop The Line. Brimming with fourteen tracks, the Chicago native plays with rhythmic structure, deep emotions, and a whole lot of guitar lovin’.