Like a soft whisper, The Wall & The Window have mastered the beauty of singing quiet and hushed up lullabies.

According to the band, The Years EP takes you back to a time when a recording was meant as “an actual record of a moment in time, like a photograph in motion, framed for an instant within the borders of the picture.” Fully done on a 4-track cassette, it has that lofi, yet polished and spontaneous feel.

Behind this great folk EP are songwriters, Adam Mormolstein and Kristen Hotschlag.

If you dislike quiet indie folk, then you might want to skip out on The Wall & The Window. The Years EP is filled with nothing but sweet folk that is relaxing and calming.

After starting with a short 30-second intro, the compilation officially begins with the semi-upbeat, Come & Go. The chorus singing coupled with the gorgeous melodies make for a very smooth track. It’s  one of the best ones in the record, no doubt. Our Day, is a quiet single that seem to call for a gloomy and rainy day backdrop.

The Years continue on with the serenade but this time adding violins to the mix. Meanwhile, the last track is another version of the previous song. This time however, is more melodic and very subtle.

The layers of melancholia and simple musings are intertwined in each track; giving the songs depth and keeping them from just being ordinary acoustic tracks. Coupled with a melody that easily wins listeners over, it’s a cute record to check out. Definitely grab it if you want something calming and relaxing.

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