If you haven’t been introduced to the Great White Buffalo by now, here is the perfect chance.

The L.A. quartet is poised to make the grade with their recently-released self-titled debut, Great White Buffalo, which boasts big hooks and a polished production, all thanks to Grammy award-winning producer Philip Allen (Adele, Aerosmith).

Great White Buffalo

You know a future indie success when you hear it, and the opening track “Thanks For Nothing” baits you right away with those haughty guitar riffs and Dave Grohl vocals. Shortly after, these give way to the spunky drum beats of one of the EP’s top tracks, “Likely Story”, which could’ve easily been all over NME or NPR.

In The Fold” and “Teeth” both follow suit, whose catchy melodies and brilliant instrumentations make for a great road trip mixtape. So does “Sleepwalk”, a rhythmic ear candy that’s set to get you moving though it keeps telling us to “slow down”.

GWB doesn’t pull any punches on the culminating song, “Burn”, a 6-minute hodgepodge of wrought-iron guitar work, smooth vocals, and clever drum timing – plus love.

This stellar offering of EP will surely leave your indie-ready palates ready for rocking, guaranteed.

Track listing:

  1. Thanks for Nothing
  2. Likely Story
  3. In the Fold
  4. Teeth
  5. Sleepwalk
  6. Burn

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