Amplify the party scene with Auquid‘s house electronic beats. Packed with seven energy-boosting tracks, Within is a beautifully crafted collection perfect for electro house aficionados. It was written by Ukraine-based singer-songwriter Stanislav Zabielin, better known as Auquid, in the spring-summer of 2013.

Loose yourself amidst strobe and neon lights as Liar plays on the speakers. The track opens in hooking sporadic beats that are seamlessly blended with atmospheric vocals. The gist comes in the middle when the track spurs out some smooth electro tunes for steady partying.

A personal favorite, Under My Skin captivates you within the first seconds with addictively hooking vocal samples and a layers over layers of chime, solid electro beats, and psychedelic arrangement. What’s special about this piece is how it slowly eases the listener’s ears to the house arrangement, giving it familiarity and fluidity.

In Save Me, Auquid utilizes fluttering electro keys and paints them into the whole track by using different volume levels. While I Love You closes the collection in a funky spirit. Opening with a voice sample and then slowly transitioning to low key and steady beats, this piece is a progressive track that encapsulates Auquid’s ability to take varying sonic samples and create them in one organic whole.

So download, press play, and let Auquid‘s intricate pieces transports you to a galaxy of psychedelic tunes.

Track List:
1. Liar
2. Under My Skin
3. Fire
4. When The Body Wants
5. Fever Of Living
6. Save Me
7. I Love You

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