Altpunk band, EndAnd is one of those groups, you swear you’ve heard somewhere before. Their “familiar” sound stems from the 80s new wave and 90s alternative touch they carry; plus, they hail from indie rock capital, Brooklyn, NY.

Having a familiar sound isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s this affinity after all that gathers listeners; giving EndAnd an easy spot over alternative punk lovers hearts.

Adventures of Hi-Fi in Space is a short five single EP that’s loaded with good rhythm, dirty guitars and a polished basement sound.

EndAnd’s sound takes a bit of getting used to. For the most part of the record you’ll hear a nice throwback to 80s new wave with crosses of 90s music. Maybe it’s just with the reviews I’ve been listening to but there seems to be a trend in sounding like an “old band,” it’s the new new. Of course, there are those that pull it perfectly and others that just fall short of the mark.

Luckily, EndAnd is one of the former. Adventures of Hi-Fi in Space is a five track EP that reeks of catchy bass lines, groovy guitars and a pop rock sound. It starts with Far in Between, and its catchy rhythm. The track only runs for 2 minutes or so and doesn’t let up on the enjoyable beat until it ends.

From start to finish, you’re entertained with great tracks that shoots off energy left and right. The album makes for a solid listen. EndAnd certainly knows what they’re doing and can deliver likable tracks without much effort.  Listen and enjoy.

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