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Dr. Web Cureit is a free antivirus and anti-malware program from Dr. Web. Designed for Windows XP and above, it is capable of detecting and removing viruses, malware and different kinds of malicious programs at the same time. This makes it different from other software that can either remove only malware or viruses.

Dr. Web Cureit can scan for and remove the most common spyware, rootkit and Trojan horses that can affect your computer. In addition, the program can detect viruses and other dangerous code and programs that other antivirus scanners cannot see or ignore.


The nice thing about Dr. Web Cureit is it doesn’t require any installation to work, unlike other antivirus programs that requires complex and difficult installation procedures. More importantly, it has been tested and found compatible with all popular antivirus software so you can use this with them.

With Dr. Web Cureit there is no need to uninstall or disable your antivirus software, giving you the opportunity to test this program and decide if it is right for you. Another benefit provided by Dr. Web Cureit is it is updated automatically every hour so you are assured of getting the latest version.

Anyone who uses a Windows PC is faced with the threat of getting a virus or spyware, which is why an antivirus and antispyware program is necessary. With Dr. Web Cureit, you don’t need to worry about that as it will provide all the protection you need. Not only is it updated regularly, but the scanning time is pretty quick as well.

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