Summer in December? Not a problem with The Hush Sound‘s new album, The Triple Threat, released after taking a hiatus in 2008. As the name suggests, the collection features three pop pieces that traverses between the avenues of surf rock and pop.

Bursting with much zest and flavor, Not A Stranger opens the album with grainy guitar strums that are mixed with rhythmic beats. Through layered vocals and playful lyricism, The Hush Sound takes us to a sunny place where there’s always sand on our feet and tan lines on our skin.

In Scavenger, modern funk meets ’80s-infused pop sound. Here, the band goes full throttle on surf rock musings, creating a lively song that everyone will be happy to groove with.

Tidal Wave closes the collection with signature vibrato keyboard tunes and nicely cut verses that evoke effortless coolness. Paired with a glass of mojito and a nice spot on the beach, this is the perfect slow-down anthem to complete your week.

The Hush Sound not only created beautiful songs in this album, but has also painted three silhouettes of indie pop that immediately takes us to tropical paradise.

Track List:
1. Not A Stranger
2. Scavengers
3. Tidal Wave

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