Hotel’s music is ungoogleable. Just type in “Hotel” in search and you will see. A young man from Maracaibo, Venezuela, a hidden jewel that needs to get airplay, his lyrics and melodies are just as good as anything that I have heard. He matured a lot since his last EP Otras Muertes, but his intentions remain the same. He insists in delivering poetry through a folk vocabulary.

Hotel is going to remind you of a young Bob Dylan, he is going to remind you of a dark Nick Cave or Elliot Smith (if that is even possible). But the thing that makes this young man unique is that you can hear the vulnerability in his voice, he is not pretending it, you can feel it.


The Album:
Cecilio Acosta (Apología del Neón para Tenor): Starts with a pretty fingerpicked acoustic guitar, with lyrics that are very hard to swallow, filled with dark words and obscure references. These words feel magical, and he draws you the scenario by setting himself up on Cecilio Acosta, an important avenue in his native Maracaibo, where he actually recorded the EP. That explains the added traffic field recordings. This is the best way to travel to Maracaibo without buying a plane ticket.

La Sed: What do you know about being thirsty if you walk over water? Powerful line, he keeps giving us this great poetry with mysterious melodies, an unique style in his homeland. This is a dark song, but in the darkness you can sense the hope, and just for that it deserves your attention. The harmonica just makes it more and more Dylan.

Great Record.


Track Listing
1.La Sed
2.Puerto La Cruz Blues
3.Federico Garcia Lorca
4.Cecilio Acosta (Apología del Neón para Tenor)
5.Tonada del delirio (santuario impío #3)
6.Paraíso Suite (piedra negra/alba)

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