Timecop1983’s Waves EP is a study of the 80’s music and how it has withstood time and emerging music genres to remain steadfast as ever. Dreamy synths, syrupy beats and steady pulse are enveloped in this five-track EP from this outstanding talent hailing from Netherlands.

Timecop1983 describes his music in his Facebook page as “80’s music made with a combination of vintage and modern gear” and this is exactly what you will get. The opening track Tonight is the kind of song that you will pop into your car’s music player as you start the engine for a long night of driving. Listening to this track makes it hard not to imagine buildings and streets blur past you as you roam the your city sometime in the 80’s.

Another synthwave standout is the title track Waves. This luscious beat is evocative of a trippy look inside a kaleidoscope. Just like a wave, it ascends and descends to leave listeners swept, dazed and gasping for more. Prepare yourself for a travel back in time as you switch from track to track. In this kind of road trip, there is no need for seatbelts. Just close your eyes and let your ears transport you to the glitz and dazzle of the 1980’s.

Track List:
1. Tonight
2. Closer
3. In Your Arms
4. Waves
5. Running Away

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