Bask in ear-tantalizing melodies with Mideau‘s latest EP, Way with Words. Mideau (pronounced “Mid-doh”) is the brainchild of Spencer J. Harrison and Libbie Linton. The band’s name is a combination of two word fragments, which translate to “middle of the water.”

The duo’s music is a balancing act between shrillness and serene, the kind of music that cozies up on you but still gushes your core. This bold blend of two unexpected halves is greatly reflected in this four-track EP, which was recorder with producer Nate Pyfer and audio engineers Scott Wiley and Mike Roskelley.

Title track Way with Words opens the album with an ensemble of synths and beats that scream dream pop all throughout. Libbie Linton’s saccharine yet grainy timbre is easy on the ear, caressing each melody and spacious arrangement with just the right amount of sugar and spice. Guitar riffs and fizzed-out tunes add texture to the song.


In Benny, the duo plows familiar vintage soudscapes. Linton’s plainly beautiful voice is sluiced through controlled rhythmic drum beats, slits of piano keys, and accompanying vocals from Harrison.

Hedjuk, on the other hand, explores the mystic jungle of eccentric arrangement. In terms of complexity and instrumentation, the duo striked gold in this track, as it is the perfect example of controlled and perfectly placed tunes as well as standout verses.

In Way with Words, Mideau gives us shades of dream pop, vintage, and ambient musings that are underpinned in an alternative approach. The band builds a musical scenario in our head that equal parts complex and fun.

Track List:
1. Way with Words
2. Benny
3. Hejduk
4. Hejduk (Faded Paper Figures Remix)

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