Any.Do is a productivity app that will help you remember the things you need to do. There are a lot of features here but among the most noteworthy are gesture support, repeating tasks, notes and speech recognition. In addition the app has cloud syncing too.

Any.Do also has date and time reminders, but the centerpiece here is the moment. This is a setting that will remind you at the day you set, to check up on all your to-dos. What this means is that the app will remind when it’s time to review your appointments for the day.


When the to-do list appears, you have the option to leave it as it is or change it. With you’ll develop the habit of checking your to-do list. However that’s not the only thing that can do, as it also offers suggestions of apps that might help you complete a task. Aside from this lets you view your goals and to do list by category like goals, work and so on. lets you set dates to the minute or you can just set it to “someday” or “tomorrow”. You can collapse and expand these categories, making them easier to manage. Aside from those features, lets you add notes. Using this you can emphasize how important it is and share it to someone on your contact list. in short, has a lot of features that you will find yourself using daily. The good thing is they’re easy to figure out. In no time you’ll be able to get the most out of the app, and you’ll realize just how much it can help you.

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