The man of the minute, you may remember The Weeknd in Ariana Grande’s latest single Love Me Harder, but let’s back track a bit to 2011 and enjoy the artist’s debut project titled House Of Balloons.

The collection features nine solid pieces that quickly sets out to prove that The Weeknd will make a name for himself. First stop is High For This, a staggering atmospheric piece that utilizes low reverberating beats that and polished R&B vocals, slowly building into a sharp-edged ending.

What You Need follows with much soul and bravado. The track’s slowly moving piece adds a flair of sexiness and coolness to the song. While in House Of Balloons/ Glass Table Girls, the mixture between r&b and hip hop becomes more prevalent. Groove with a cacophony of beats and sound samples that are set on soul-inducing vocals that curl and flow with every note.

The Knowing closes the album with spacey tunes and sporadic beats that intertwines with The Weeknd’s crisp delivery.


House Of Balloons are for those who are looking for a new taste of hip hop where the right balance between rhythm, ambiance and beats are equally played. The Weeknd makes us feel that we are swimming on a different genre that’s more ethereal while reminding us that we are still within his hip hop territory.

Track List:
01. High For This
02. What You Need
03. House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls
04. The Morning
05. Wicked Games
06. The Party & The After Party
07. Coming Down
08. Loft Music
09. The Knowing

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